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Teacher - Mrs Adele Forbes

"As a boss you're always a little nervous when a new staff member arrives and you hope and pray that 'they fit' and are excellent at what they do. Well... my hopes have been exceeded and my prayers answered!

It took us only moments to realise we could relax, breathe and appreciate how wonderfully happy and fortunate we all are at CSPS to have Mrs Adele Forbes. I have been incredibly impressed at the ease at which Adele settled in and quickly became a part of 'the place'. Her willingness and openness to take on new pedagogies with such open arms and for embracing a new setting and taking time to get to know other staff and many parents was both impressive and appreciated by all. I love Adele's classroom nature and the friendly and caring manner that she exhibits with students, staff and parents. I had so many comments in Adele's first few weeks here about how "lovely Mrs Forbes is". And... the comments keep on coming!

- Mr Colin Johnson




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