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Mrs Elise Mountford

Mrs Mountford the Magnificent! Mrs Mountford the Magician! Mrs Mountford the Marvellous! All just common terms you hear daily at CSPS. If I put all the kids in Mrs Mountford’s class as per requests from parents, we’d have a class of 194. Probably just a tad large for our current classrooms. Elise is one of those teachers who just gets it. Educating kids is just second nature to her. Throw in an ocean size tank of enthusiasm and passion and you have the ideal teacher! There is not one second of wasted time in Elise’s classroom and if I called her ‘super organised’ it would be a huge understatement. I love that she loves what she does!

- Mr Colin Johnson, Principal


Miss Taylor McLelland

Miss McLelland, affectionately known as Miss Mac, is simply one of the most impressive young teachers on the planet. New parents to CSPS in 2020 summed her up quickly and commented to me that if their daughter were to have Miss Mac right through to Year 6, they’d be very happy campers indeed! Taylor’s calming, unflustered nature has an impact upon her classroom like no other. You walk in at any moment of the day to 2-3M to find busy, happy kids being stretched academically to the nth degree. Educational guru John Hattie, states in research papers that every child should show 1 year of growth for 1 year of learning. In Miss Mac’s class, that 1 year of growth happens way faster than a year! Taylor is the perfect teacher for young aspiring University Prac Teachers to model themselves on.

- Mr Colin Johnson, Principal

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