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P and C

The P&C provides wonderful support to the school through a variety of forums and activities. While facilitating most fundraising for the school, the P&C also provides a forum for sharing ideas and information between the school and the parents.

Activities are planned throughout the year to give parents the chance to be part of the vibrant education team at Charlestown South Public School.

The P&C Association meets on the 3rd and 7th week of each school term in the staff common room, commencing at 7.00pm.

Sub-committees meet during the month and report to the monthly meeting.

While not huge in number, the P&C members are dedicated to providing the best education possible for the students at Charlestown South and work diligently to achieve their goals.

If you want to become part of this process come along to our meetings or talk to our members to get a better idea of how you can play a more active part in your child's education and school life in general.

President: Craig Barnes

Vice President: 

Secretary: Bronwyn Hardy

Treasurer : Kristal Steele

Assistant Treasurer : 

Fund Raising Coordinators : Mel Beer & Linda Cox

Fund Raising Committee : Simone Brinkworth, Kristal Steele, Kristen Hadley-Helleur & Gavin Dyet

Canteen Coordinator : Cass Small

Canteen Committee : Kristen Stone, Linda Cox & Mel Beer